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It is possible to order both sweet and savoury cakes and pastries and different meal courses for your event! Well, whatever the mind believes, the mind can achieve. Ein ordentliches und sauberes Haus.

Krooni ajal loodud kohvik kannab edasi eestlaste hinde jäänud oma raha mälestust ja nimetust Kroon. Sisekujunduses oleme nüüdisaegselt etnolikud ja Esimese Eesti aegselt lihtsalt elegantsed. Hoiame joont, et komponendid oleksid selgelt tuntavad, maitsed ehedad ja tooraine valdavalt Maarjamaalt. Nagu Eesti elugi. Aga eks ikka paremaks ja lootustandvamaks!

Milena Tšehhi Vabariik We loved everything about this house. Nice floor plan, kitchen fully equipped.

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Nice garden for the grandchildren to play Our host was very helpful when we had a question. Very prompt and professional.

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Hope to come back again. If you like our app, then don't hesitate to leave some feedback so we know. soovitab

Thank you and we wish you only the best. Passiivne sissetulek, tuntud ka kui jääktulu, on raha, mida teenite, kui te ei tööta aktiivselt.

Kokku 8,1 The location is excellent with easy access to many tourist attractions nearby, the street is quiet, close to the local train station and cycling paths. There is plenty to do and visit around, the house is well equipped sunbeds, bikes, bbq etc and very clean. The host is very friendly, always ready to help with any questions you may have. Anonüümne Poola Líbilo se nám ubytování, splnilo veškeré naše požadavky, lokalita, byli jsme celkově moc spokojeni. U Balatonu je opravdu nádherně.

Selle asemel, et oma aega raha pärast kaubelda - nagu enamik inimesi teeb oma 9—5 töökohta - on passiivse sissetuleku taga vaid raha ka siis, kui te pole seal. Valides õige passiivse sissetuleku tüübi, saate investeerida oma aega soovitud viisil. Our interior design is a creative combination of old Estonian elegance and contemporary ethno. We do our best to keep the components noticeable, flvaours real and products sourced from Estonia.

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This keeps our menu new, fresh and constantly changing, just like the Estonian life. But always for the better and more hopeful!


It is possible to order both sweet and savoury cakes and pastries and different meal courses for your event! We take pride in accommodating every customer with their dietary needs and the fact that we are able to offer a wide vegan menu to our visitors.

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Behind the curtains of Crown there is a large family, who do their work with love! Today Crown is an important part of Pärnu and the dream has become a reality! To achieve that, we are trying to improve in different areas.

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