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Muudatused jõustuvad pärast lehe uuesti laadimist. By listing the company on First North, EJTC aims to increase the reliability, transparency and reputation of the company towards its partners and potential investors. MBK Co.

We care about the success of our clients, therefore we offer numerous educational and analytical tools for better navigation of the financial markets. Our strong dedication to state-of-the-art software and quality assurance means that our clients receive the best, most transparent trading experience.

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Since its foundation inAdmiral Markets has continually expanded its reach and today has a staff of overlocated in 16 offices worldwide, making it a truly global organization. Additional information Our mission is to provide the best trading experience in the industry for the community of traders - become part of that mission!

Leap forward and join our team to Hinnategevuse kaubandusstrateegiad Hindi part of the development of the best experience in back-office admin system that supports internal traders, provides KYC, compliance and legal reporting using PHP. Our team of software analysts will equip you with the detailed software requirements and specifications.

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You will get all the help you will need from our reliable, cohesive unit of friendly, sharp-focused, and committed engineers just like you. Get industry exposure in international financial markets, trading, EU regulation, legal, risk management, reporting, identification, payment systems, compliance, and more! We will invite those candidates who have the most relevant accomplishments to engage in a preliminary conversation.

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Here is what will help you with this role and how we can start a conversation: Understand the fundamental design principles behind a scalable application Know how Stock Trading Blogid work with relational databases Utilize unit test and debugging skills Apply to start the discussion! Apply through cv.

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