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Enamasti on need hoiuste või krediiditehingud avatud turul 7 või 14 päevaga. Panigirtzoglou, , "Overcoming the zero bound on nominal interest rates with negative interest on currency: Gesell's solution", The Economic Journal, , The decision to lower rates, which was accompanied by a number of other measures to stimulate credit to the economy such as "targeted" long-term operations to induce banks to lend more to the real sector and an announcement of purchases of asset-backed securities and covered bonds based on claims on the euro area real economy, is also fully in line with the ECB's forward guidance. Avaturuoperatsioonide eripära on see, et keskpank võib kommertspankadele saadaolevate vabade ressursside hulka mõjutada turul, mis stimuleerib kas krediidi investeeringute vähenemist või laiendamist majandusse, mõjutades samal ajal vastavalt pankade likviidsust, vähendades või suurendades seda.

At the end of August, the tourism industry sent a letter to the government asking for the scheme to be extended, as has been done in other countries such as Germany. The government does not want to extend the wage compensation scheme - which ended in July - and saw the state pay the majority of salaries to workers who could not work during the emergency situation caused by coronavirus.

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The scheme was intended to survive the first economic shock, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas Center said and there is no money for a new round of general support. Minister of Finance Martin Helme says that instead of large-scale support, companies must adapt and that means job losses.

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However, as tourism has not recovered, the government will discuss various support options. Helme said as there are no foreign tourists, domestic consumption should be boosted.

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One option, following the example of other countries, is that vouchers could be given to people by the state which could be used to pay in Fedtrade System accommodation and catering establishments. Adding this system would help to cleanse the market and keep it on its toes. So far, nothing definite has been agreed.

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The application submitted by the tourism industry Fedtrade System also still being discussed. Editor: Helen Wright.

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