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Sellist katsetamisviisi kasutatakse enamasti tehniliste indikaatorite jaoks, kuid seda võib rakendada mistahes investeerimisstrateegiate korral nt fundamentaalanalüüsis. Üks peamisi takistusi on tehnilise analüüsi ülimalt subjektiivne olemus — geomeetriliste kujundite leidmine ajaloolistel hinnagraafikutel sõltub sageli vaatajast. Tehisnärvivõrkude kasutamine neile nii tehnilisi kui ka fundamentaalseid sisendeid andes annab paremaid tulemusi kauplemisotsuste tegemisel kui osta-ja-hoia strateegiad ning harilikud lineaarsed tehnilise analüüsi meetodid.

With his wallet stuck in his sock, he headed down VAN THARP Trading System the heart of the Wall Street district for a meeting with Jim Cramer that would change his life forever.

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For the next five years, Maier would work like a slave inside Jim Cramer's hedge fund, a limited partnership that included only the wealthiest investors, where rules were scarce and where, in his glory days, Jim Cramer managed almost a half a billion dollars, raking in phenomenal returns.

Entranced by the game, Maier quickly rose from the office assistant fetching sandwiches from the deli downstairs to a trader playing with a fifty-million-dollar portfolio.

  1. Tom also gives an easy-to-understand professional approach to discipline, money management, and the 'numbers' to watch that indicate market direction.
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  3. How do the world's most successful traders amass tens, hundreds of millions of dollars a year?

But under the pressure of Jim's constant war, Maier's adrenaline rush wore off, and the dark side of Wall Street was revealed: Maier had become exhausted and money driven -- at his worst moments swapping tranquilizers with his coworkers and passing out on a New York subway.

This is a true insider's Sveitsi binaarsed variandid -- an honest, raw, page-turning account that takes us on a journey through the volatile, anything-goes world of hedge funds.

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At the heart of this narrative is an incredible character study of Jim Cramer, one of Wall Street's brightest stars. Employing any means possible to make money, Cramer engaged in brilliant but questionable strategies that danced on the edge of ethics and legality.

A typical day inside the fund would begin with Cramer's declaration, "I love the smell of money in the morning," followed by a boom-box serenade of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise. In the tradition of Liar's Poker, this fascinating account of greed and excess on Wall Street will inevitably force the business world to reassess itself through the story of one young man who walked away from it all.

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