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Land, 8 8 , Skarlatidou, A. Adapting forest management to climate change in Europe: linking perceptions to adaptive responses. Assessing the importance of protected areas in human-dominated lowland for brown bear Ursus arctos winter denning. Ecological Indicators, , Helen Sooväli-Sepping Toim.

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Väljavõte Margus Halliku In populations of wildlife species that come into conflict with humans by raiding cultivated crops, simple models of exposure of individual animals to crops do not entirely explain the prevalence of crop raiding behavior. We investigated the influence Trading System Dragon Nest Mobile life history milestones using age and association patterns on the probability of being a crop raider among wild free ranging male African elephants; we focused on males because female elephants are not known to raid crops in our study population.

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We examined several features of an elephant association network; network density, community structure and association based on age similarity since they are known to influence the spread of behaviors in a population.

We found that older males were more likely to be raiders than younger males, that males were more likely to be raiders when their closest associates were also raiders, and that males were more likely to be raiders when their second closest associates were raiders older than them. The male association network had sparse associations, a tendency for individuals similar in age and raiding status to associate, and a strong community structure.

However, raiders were randomly distributed between communities. These features of the elephant association network may limit the spread of raiding behavior and likely determine the prevalence of raiding behavior in elephant populations. Our results suggest that social learning has a major influence on the acquisition of raiding behavior in younger males whereas life history factors are important drivers of raiding behavior in older males.

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Further, both life-history and network patterns may influence the acquisition and spread of complex behaviors in animal populations and provide insight on managing human Science.