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Samas aga firma kärpis oma Breakouts have been viewed by the bears as shorting opportunities, not covering points.

Yesterday was a particularly good example of the deception of the major indices.

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Although the DJIA and Nasdaq made minor upward moves there was some very strong action in many smaller stocks. What is happening is that a small group of big-cap stocks like Intel INTC:Nasdaq and Cisco CSCO:Nasdaq are doing little and keeping the indices capped while investors are sifting through smaller secondary stocks in search of the big movers.

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This is the time of the year when market participants traditionally seek out smaller-cap stocks and this year is no exception. If you just looked at the major indices yesterday you might be fooled into thinking it was a poor day for the market.

However, under the surface there were few signs that the recent aggressive buying is slowing. Investors had few qualms about buying smaller leadership and momentum stocks.

That is where the action is and that is our key measure of market health at this time. The time to worry will be when breadth deteriorates and the small-cap stocks begin to stumble.

Once that happens profit taking will kick in and it will be time to take a more defensive stance. Samas aga firma kärpis oma Eelmisel nädalal andis sarnase kasumihoiatuse ka konkurent Maytag MYGmis on pigem tuntud ameeriklaste seas. Suur tarkvara tootja ei ole nende arvates enam kasvuaktsia, kuna ei ole paari viimase aasta jooksul suutnud näidata mitte mingisugust kasvu.

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The question on everyone's mind as we start of full week of fun and games is whether this market is finally undergoing a major change in character. Earnings reports were expected to be rather gloomy but overall they are coming in quite a better than expected so far and that is what has been proving a positive tone for this market lately. The bears are dismissing the strong earnings by claiming that the bar was lowered to such a degree that it is no big surprise that reports are surprising to the upside.

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Even if reports are a bit better than expected the bears still feel it is premature to expect that any major improvement in the economy is imminent. The bulls counter by saying that the market is forward looking and that there are signs that the second half of the year will be better. They claim that the market is going to show signs of improvement well before the economy because it will begin pricing in and discounting improvement well before it actually occurs.

In fact, the bulls say skepticism and worry about whether the economy is getting better is exactly what we need in order to climb higher. The technical situation is certainly supportive of the bulls right now. The uptrend that started in mid-March is firmly intact.

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The Nasdaq, led by tech stocks, is the strongest of the indices and is poised to hit its highest levels since January. It has been turned back a couple times at the plus area recently but volume has been building over the past four days and it looks ready to break that resistance and produce another leg up. There is little resistance up to the area once the Nasdaq is through One of the hallmarks of the bear market is how often a technical breakout has merely been a trap for the bulls.

Breakouts have been viewed by the bears as shorting opportunities, not covering points.

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The simple fact is that in a bear market, breakouts just don't bring in enough sustained buying to generate the momentum to keep things going. At some point the "fade-the-breakout" play stops working and the folks who have been successful with that play suddenly become short-squeeze fuel.

So that is the key this week -- how does the Nasdaq act on a breakout? Does it attract sufficient momentum money to produce another leg up or does it attract the fade-the-breakout crew who are looking for yet another failed bear market rally? In the early going we have some carryover of the positive mood from Friday.

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