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Property is returned to such persons on the bases provided by this Act and pursuant to the procedure established by the Government of the Republic. The provisions of § 12 1 of this Act do not apply to residential lease contracts without a term.

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Khelifa, A. Lawrence estuary in the winter. The main objective was to develop an environmentally safe and efficient cleansing method.

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The use of an oil-mineral agglomeration OMA process has been proposed to improve dispersion and biodegradation of the spilled oil. This bench-scale study was conducted to validate this proposed remedial method.

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The theory for this natural attenuation process for oil spills on shores is that oil droplets and suspended sediments disperse in the water column and aggregate into OMAs. OMA formation involves floc break and aggregation by differential settling.

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This study examined the formation time and the concentration of OMA in a typical turbulent estuarine environment and determined the effect of sediment size and concentration on OMA formation.

It also verified if OMA forms in cold brackish water considering 2 types of oils which are commonly transported along the St. Lawrence estuary to Quebec City.

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OMA formation was validated with Heidrun and IF30 crude oils and 2 types of engineered sediments to determine the best sediment to form OMA 870 Share Option Tehingud to determine the minimum sediment concentration needed to maximize OMA formation. The minimum agitation time to reach this maximizing condition of OMA formation was also determined.

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It was concluded that OMAs form readily in cold brackish and seawater when Heidrun or IF30 crude oils are mixed with chalk or bentonite sediment.