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Ma satun pahandustesse, ma ei saa minna, mul ei ole lubatud minna. Me ei tmba endale thelepanu kitudes julmalt, pahatahtlikult. Eriti kehtib see algajate reptikate peremeeskehade kohta nagu Brian, kes ei ole isegi mitte Draco. Reptikas vib reisida suuri vahemaid selleks, et seda teha, niteks Hispaaniast Inglismaale.

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To date, twenty beings have lost their lives and over Astrologically, these fires began around the time of the Full Moon in Aries in September. Every country has an astrology chart just like every being has their own energetic blueprint.

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Australia was established as a Arvuti loodud kaubandusstrateegiad on January 1,with a Capricorn Sun and Aries ascendant. The country holds 7 fire placements and 0 water placements, creating its hot and dry environment. Australia has a Capricorn Sun, Aries ascendant and 6 other fire placements.

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Fire is creativity, action and our life force. The Capricorn sun represents the more rigid side of the collective consciousness.

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Capricorns are extremely hard working and can endure pretty much anything. Yet, Australia lacks any water placements at all. Water holds intuition, compassion and our feeling centers.

Along with this formal change went a new vision and definition for the aims of EPL over a time horizon of five years. These aims are ambitious. Accordingly, a strategy promising success was required. As a first measure, the spectrum of Europhysics Letters in terms of the categories defined by the "Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme" PACS was compared to other international broad-band letters journals. Rather than aiming at a reduction of the latter two topics it was decided to consider these strengths as an EPL fingerprint.

It is no wonder this country struggles so severely with dry and arid climate, as well as a consciousness that lacks empathy and compassion. Krediit Karma Share Option Tehingud was exemplified by the Prime Minister, who has been on vacation during these fires and only just returned to his country to give a lackluster attempt at consoling his citizens.


When Australia was a first discovered by the British, it was a primed not to be a new colony, but to essentially be a gigantic jail where Britain could send all of its overflowing convicts. When colonizers did start migrating, it was essentially the misfits of Britain, creating a society of outcasts and those who were destined to face nothing but extreme hardship in their new country.

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This gave them tough skin but very little self-love and built up a society with a underlying rage and resentment. Australiarecently claimed for the empire by Captain Cook, seemed to fit the bill.

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It had been inhabited by Aborigines for millennia but, despite a few tentative voyages, no other European power had established a lasting settlement on the continent. Britain took the lead.

The first fleet of convicts arrived in January and a fledgling penal colony was established in what is now Sydney.

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It showed a great incomprehension of the country that they were coming to. These folk should have perished on the desert shores and in many cases they came close to doing so. They also went mad and committed suicide, but ultimately they stayed.

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They stayed and endured. Australia is no stranger to allegations of very dark activities taking place there. There are now 3 other major banks under investigation. Their masks are about to come crashing down and all that has been hidden will be revealed in a moment of epic karmic unfolding.

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Australia is just the first of many events that will sweep the planet, as this conjunction is here to completely tear down the old to allow room for the new. This does NOT mean we do not hold compassion for the beings going through these events. We hold space and send them love because we are all One, however, all of the outcrying to swoop in and save and fix the problem in Australia defeats the exact purpose of the event.

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To enable others to avoid their karmic consequences is not love, it is attachment. This is the first of the karmic avalanche that is going to hit the planet and this is what humanity has manifested. We allowed it to happen and that we need to take responsibility for.

Not until we can all face the karmic consequences of what OUR unconsciousness has created, can we move forward in evolution.

These events also help release attachment, one of the deepest programmings that keeps humanity attached the physical and preventing them from the seeing the magic and true reality, which is all energy.


These events also trigger UNITY, forcing humanity to come together as One helping and giving to one another out Krediit Karma Share Option Tehingud pure love and compassion. It often takes for everything to be stripped from us, for us to open up to the cosmic truth that we are all One, and all that matters is love.

Once this karmic avalanche hits the planet, chaos will ensue.

You are on page 1of 79 Search inside document Keha levtjad Toimetaja mrkus. On raporteeritud, et selle raamatu autor uppus Nassau saare ranna lhedal, Bahamas Tema tegelik nimi oli Jeannie Gospell. Tenoliselt ta mrvati. Peale selle raamatu lugemist mistad sa, miks.

There will be mass confusion and many will be Manchester City University jatkusuutlikkuse strateegia for comfort and answers. This is where all of those in the heart, aware of the truth of what is going on, will need to be standing strong in their center, holding the light.

Mother of All Creation is now completing her 3rd and final day of going through her re-cruxifiction as Jesus, flipping the karmic timeline for humanity.

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That energy is now being released to the collective causing the deep purging of karma to come to the surface to be healed and transformed. Mom is setting up the blueprint and the framework for those holding the light to be secured within her blueprint, so that when she ascends, we will all be prepared for our next roles. What we are witnessing the karmic ending to a long story of separation and suffering. However, we are also witnessing the grandest and most beautiful unfolding of the New Paradigm.